The Sew Easy Business Opportunity

Thank you for the interest you have shown in Sew Easy.
It is my pleasure to introduce you to the Sew Easy Business Concept.


Sew Easy Sewing Schools were developed as a business opportunity for sewing & craft lovers, and was registered as a trademark in 1985. During 1995 Linette Maritz purchased Sew Easy from Lirpa Kuntz, and it was subsequently registered as a company in 1997. Sew Easy Sewing and Craft Schools were then sold as a Business Format Franchise from 1996 – 2001.

During 2001 the concept changed and Satellite Schools were developed to allow greater entrepreneurial spirit and growth, as well as greater cost efficiency for all related parties.
Due to expanding businesses ventures, Sew Easy was then sold to Elmarie Maritz in 2003. She has been involved with the company since 1995. More notably however, Elmarie was also the designer of most of the Sew Easy patterns.

During 2005 Elmarie decided to sell Sew Easy Head Office to Cornelia Coetzee to enable her to give her full attention to a new venture.


As from 1 July 2005 Cornelia is the owner of Sew Easy Head Office.
Cornelia Coetzee is well established in the field of sewing and related crafts. As a qualified teacher she started sewing classes to Primary- as well as High School girls for six years. In May 1999 she started a Sew Easy Franchise in Centurion Pretoria.

Her tasks include the running of Sew Easy Head Office as well as giving classes as the Sew Easy Centurion Satellite School.

During 2011 she decided to ‘revamp’ the existing patterns and to add a few new patterns. At Hobby X 2012 Sew Easy launched a new user’s friendly pattern range.

Between 2012 and 2017 the Beginners course was ‘fine-tuned’ and a few new courses were developed.


Please contact us for the costs to start a Sew Easy Satellite School. Sew Easy Sewing Schools are unique as they can be operated from your home, or incorporated into an existing business.

This opportunity enables individuals to start their own Sew Easy Sewing School where professional sewing courses and workshops can be conducted.

Sew Easy Satellite Schools are currently presenting a variety of different sewing courses throughout South Africa.

The aim is to teach people who are eager to sew, how to sew professionally. Using various skills and techniques, covering every aspect of sewing, enabling them to be able to generate an income, or just sew for fun.
The emphasis falls on the practical application of the techniques, and to facilitate this, all courses are conducted in the form of a practical workshop.
Each course participant will complete the garment / article on his / her own sewing machine and/or overlocker during the course.
Course attendants are limited to 6 per workshop to ensure personal attention
The duration of a workshop is 3 – 4 hours.
Workshops or classes are usually conducted once a week
Sew Easy has a full range of training patterns and manuals, and we are always improving on them.
As a Satellite School owner the Sew Easy Beginners Course training is compulsory.
During this training you will receive all your training documents as well as information regarding the marketing and managing of your sewing school.
A Legal agreement will be signed protecting both parties during this new venture.
Upon completion of the Beginners Teachers Training Course, a certificate will be issued to the instructor.
Once the initial Training fees are paid, any additional Teachers courses can be bought and attended in order to expand your sewing business.
Training courses are normally presented in Pretoria, but other arrangements can be made. Each instructor is responsible for her own transport, accommodation and food during the training.
Bookings will be made to accommodate both parties.
Once the booking is made a deposit of R5 000.00 is payable.
The Satellite School fees must be paid in full once the Beginners Course is completed.

Once payment is received, training will be confirmed, as well as what the course attendants need to bring for the training.

You will receive a certificate on completion of the Teachers training, only then are you allowed to present the Course to students. It will be expected of you to purchase the Sew Easy Patterns and manuals for the Courses from Sew Easy Head Office.

Head Office will try and keep Haberdashery and sewing accessories in stock to purchase for resale.
Head Office is also a Singer agent. If you are interested, we can discuss the possibility of your Satellite School becoming an agent as well. Provided there isn’t already a Singer agent in the area.


The benefit of becoming part of Sew Easy is that all the product development has already been done for you. Over and above this, the success of Sew Easy is based on a well-developed framework for all needlework- and sewing workshops and courses. Further development is being done on an ongoing basis.
If you regard Sew Easy as a feasible business opportunity, please contact Cornelia Coetzee to finalise the necessary arrangements.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the Sew Easy concept.
I’m looking forward to you joining the successful Sew Easy Team.

Kind Regards
Cornelia Coetzee
082 962 8352